The clinic


Currently our medics see between 100 and 200 patients per day, offering medical consultations, wound dressing, physiotherapy and glasses

Patients: please click here for information regarding our opening hours.

The clinic is located in Vathy ("Samos town") about 15 minutes’ walk from the entrance of the Refugee camp. You can find our location here.

The clinic serves as a primary health care facility, with seven consultations rooms where patients can see doctors and get free treatment as needed. As well as common GP complaints (including treatment for chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension), we treat problems relating to hygiene in the camp such as rat bites, severely infected wounds and diarrhoea. We see many patients with mental health issues. Due to lack of access to quality healthcare in the past, we also see patients who are at an advanced stage of a disease.We also offer physiotherapy and daily wound dressings, as well as measuring eyesight and offering glasses.

Urgent cases surpassing our capacity will be transferred to hospital and in other serious cases we refer directly to other actors, such as EODY (who run the small camp clinic), the hospital, UNHCR and MSF.

With our team we currently see between a 100 to 200 patients a day, from all nationalities and ages. Approximately 35% of the patients are Afghans (speaking Farsi), 35% are from Africa (mostly speaking French and English) and 30% are from Arabic speaking countries. A third of our patient population are children.

Outside of the clinic we offer weekly health workshops on topics such as reproductive health, mental health, children’s diseases.