Winter is coming, act for refugees


Oct. 26, 2019

Despite the heat wave of this October month, winter is coming. On the island of Samos, temperatures
will start to drop, raining episodes will become more and more frequent. At the same time, arrivals of
migrants is rising. Although Medias cover little of the situation of Samos, the island counts today more
than 4000 refugees for a camp that can barely contain 650 persons. Of all the Greek islands, Samos
represents the smallest camp size for a number of arrivals as important as on Lesvos and Chios. It’s a
reality that is rarely shown but true.

The Med’EqualiTeam Center provides medical care for a camp where only one doctor is active together
with a part time midwife.
Our center welcomes currently more than 50 patients a day with different types of illness, infections and
problems such as:

  • viral or bacterial infections (flu, gastroenteritis, lung infections…)
  • skin diseases (scabies, bacterial infections due to insects bites or wounds)
  • chronic illnesses : diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and lung problems
  • chronic infectious illnesses such as HIV, HBV and HCV

Amongst these illnesses, we also see an increase of patients presenting with psychological distress. Mental health issues are growing due to the experiences of the refugees, the shock of their journeys and
the horrible living conditions of the camp. Post trauma stress disorder is also specifically seen in a
growing number of patients visiting of the center: many of them are survivors of tortures such as rape,
physical and mental abuses. These lead to symptoms such as depression and anxiety, which are nearly
not taken care of in the camp. The consequences of these experiences lead to self-injury, suicide
attempts, psychotic periods… Moreover we observe some worrying symptoms also amongst children.
For all of these patients, we take care of them as best as we can, it requires lot of time and a permanent
follow up.

Finally, the camp gathers a great feminine population (pregnant or breastfeeding) requiring specific care
that the camp lacks of.

These are only few of the realities our center observes. To continue our activities and help these
persons, our center needs financial support, your support. We provide free medicine. The consultations
are free and done by volunteer doctors. And the money raised is mostly spent to keep our center open
(rent of the place, administrative fees), to get medicine and medical material. We currently need 3000€
per month to maintain our activities.

Thanks to the platform GoFundMe, you can donate to our center. The money will be directly given to our
Association to continue our activities. Every euros counts!

Please keep sharing this page, so we can go on longer and better!