Deep dive: Nurse


Feb. 14, 2020

Flo is a nurse from the UK who already volunteered several times for Med'EqualiTeam.

Throughout last year I spent some time volunteering as a Nurse in Samos over a number of occasions. A great thing about working for Med’EqualiTeam as a nurse is how diverse the work is. There are nurses from a variety of backgrounds and so the work is flexible so you are able to work to your knowledge and competencies.

My day would always start early at 7am. The main role of a Nurse at Med’EqualiTeam is triage. This requires observation and rapid assessment in order to prioritise if and when each patient requires to see a doctor. With the nature of the clinic being primary care a portion of the patients will have coughs, colds and minor ailments or injuries which require only supportive treatment. However many will require further examinations and treatment for infections, tropical disease and chronic condition management. In these cases patients would be provided with an appointment for the doctor.

The role also includes wound dressing, medication administration, assisting in clinical procedures, chronic disease management, psychological support and teaching in workshops.

One of my favourite activities whilst in Samos was facilitating the Women’s health workshops. I loved how engaged the women would be and how beneficial it would be in the clinic.

The clinic can be a busy and fast paced environment and with this brings lots of new and learning experiences. But due to the great support of the team I was able to challenge myself to learn new skills, knowledge and basic language. I have since been back to volunteer at the clinic and no doubt will be back again in the near future!