Deep dive: Pharmacist


Feb. 12, 2020

Laura is a pharmacist from the UK who volunteered three months for Med'Equali.

My day as a pharmacist at the clinic usually starts at 7am. One of my first tasks is to ensure our pharmacy is restocked with all the essential drugs from the storage area and that the triage doctor has the medication they need. I spend part of my day seeing patients for blood pressure checks, glucose checks, scabies treatments, medication counselling and medication refill.

At Med Equali we are one big team and I make myself available for all medicine related issues. Throughout the day I answer lots of questions about medications such as questions about medicine doses or medicines in pregnancy and breast-feeding. I also help people prepare or double check medication if people are giving multiple medicines and need extra support. On a weekly basis I prepare a medication order for the clinic to get from the pharmacy.

I am also always keeping an eye out on the stock so that we don’t run out of important medicines-a paracetamol crisis in this setting would be a nightmare!

Finally I enjoy looking out for ways to improve our work in the clinic, so I have helped with issues such as improving our chronic patient card and organising our medicine storage.