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Who are we?



Doctor and projects coordinator. I founded the association in 2018 after working for over a year with other organisations in Greece, and have been involved full time ever since. For me, using my skills as a doctor and my knowledge gained on the field is a good way to respond to the current crises afflicting populations around the world, and my way of helping and offering some relief to people who are suffering.



President, Mum, translator and teacher of French as a foreign language (FLE). I joined the Med'EqualiTeam adventure from its beginning in 2018, initially as a translator, then gradually my attachment to the association and the various developments within the team led me to become its president. Humanitarian work has always been my driving force, ever since I was little, reaching out to those less fortunate than myself allows me to give meaning to my work and to have a very positive vision of people, because even if we feel like I'm trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon, I'm surrounded every day by people who do everything to make things happen in the right direction. And as Alice Parizeau said "You should never give up because it's a form of helplessness, the worst calamity in the world."

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Treasurer - Project coordinator. I joined Med’equaliteam board after my third volunteer time as a logistic and finance coordinator on Samos, Greece. I was again in the field with the NGO in June-August 2021. I have a master degree in Humanitarian action management and crisis analysis. My master thesis was about Syrian refugees in Lebanon and I went 2 times to Lebanon since then to help set up the basis of our new project there.



Secretary - Pharmacist - I joined the team in 2021 after taking part of the Samos’ project as a volunteer on the field. Concerned about the conditions of exile and the reception of suffering populations, I decided to offer some of my time and my professional skills to help the association organize new projects.

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Social Networks Manager - Languages and International Business background - I joined the team in 2023 - I have numerous commitments in my life and the cause of women and refugees is particularly close to my heart.

Ranbir KAUR

Digital Marketing Manager: Specialized in International Management, in November 2023, I became a part of Med'Equali's team, contributing to various projects with the aim of making a positive impact on society. As part of my role, I am responsible for the creation and management of social media content across multiple platforms.


HR and Finance coordinator - I join the NGO in January 2024 to support the Libya project and the volunteers that are going on the field. I have then been involved in the northern Greece project, mainly for fundraising. Working in the humanitarian field for more than 10 years, I'm really happy that I joined the team and I try my best to put my skills to support their project.

Charlotte JOHNSTON

Fundraising assistant - I'm a master's student in international relations and foreign/regional languages, literature and civilisations (LLCER) at INALCO - I joined the team in 2023 to help start the project in Lebanon. I've already had several experiences of volunteering with families and children in difficulty in France, and I'd now like to find out more about humanitarian aid abroad, as I'm very concerned about the cause of refugees in today's very unstable world.