Primary healthcare in Libya


MUSSA’ADA («help») project - A partnership to provide health-care in Libya

In September 2023, we set up a project in Libya to support vulnerable populations following the floods that hit the country following the passage of hurricane Daniel. The town of Derna was chosen as the site for the project, as the breaching of dams upstream from the town caused a 7-metre-high wave, cutting the town in two and leading to the collapse of several bridges, with thousands of people dead or missing.

The implementation of the project is essentially based on support for local human resources:

  • Providing emergency supplies (hygiene and nutrition kits, mattresses, blankets, etc.) and utilities (e.g. water/energy);
  • Build emergency medical support capacity (primary healthcare with a particular focus on water-borne diseases, certain chronic diseases, maternal and child health) and the provision of psychological services to the affected population.

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The clinic in Derna opened at the beginning of 2024 where we are welcoming the population, which is still very badly affected by the floods. The medical team provides general medical consultations and follow-up care for patients from Derna with chronic diseases and provides the medication they need free of charge.

The clinic also offers individual or group consultations with a psychologist for patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The team is made up of Libyan doctors and nurses, supplemented by international volunteers (you can find conditions and how to apply on this page).


The start-up of the Mussa'ada project and the opening of the clinic were made possible thanks to the help of our partner SUPER-NOVAE, who has been based in Libya since 2021 and help us with the local authorities and the Libyan Ministry of Health.


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With the participation of the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs