Why we exist


Access to healthcare is a human right

Our mission

The mission of Med'EqualiTeam is to provide free healthcare for asylum seekers and refugees, who face financial, social, and logistical obstacles in their access to healthcare.

Our aims

Med’EqualiTeam aims to fill the gap in access to primary healthcare for asylum seekers on Samos. We provide some relief for local public services, whilst also acting as a trusted advocate for any asylum seeker who urgently requires access to secondary care.

Barriers to health services

Obstacles encountered by asylum seekers are a lack of physicians, identification documents, funding, the distance to clinics and refusal to be seen by local practitioners. In the absence of other primary healthcare providers, there is a significant gap in access to primary healthcare on Samos for asylum seekers. This has lead to local public services becoming overwhelmed.

All of our healthcare is given with respect, dignity and in confidentiality. We work according to medical and general ethical guidelines.