Why we exist


Access to healthcare is a human right

Our mission

The mission of Med'EqualiTeam is to provide free healthcare for displaced or vulnerable populations, when they face financial, social, linguistical, logistical, or psychological obstacles in their access to healthcare.

Our aims

Med’EqualiTeam aims to provide primary healthcare for refugees, to provide relief for local medical services, and to be a neutral, independent, and trustworthy point of contact for the refugees' health and care concerns. We provide the same services to the local populations when their own healthcare system is not accessible due to lack of capacity or funds.

Barriers to health services

Obstacles encountered by refugees are a lack of available physicians, translation services, identification and medical documents, funding, trust in or understanding of local services, and distance to clinics. In addition, the mental burden of displacement, often coupled with the hope of returning home soon, often leads to dangerous delays in seeking medical assistance.

The influx of large numbers of refugees, both to urban centres and rural areas, stretches the capacity of local medical services and can threaten the goodwill of the local population towards refugees. By providing relief for local medical services, Med'EqualiTeam helps to reduce the tensions and fatigue arising in long-term displacement scenarios.

All of our healthcare is provided with respect, dignity and absolute confidentiality. We work according to established medical and general ethical guidelines.